VANIA is a contemporary jewellery brand based in Auckland, New Zealand founded by Vania Truchsess in 2017. VANIA pieces are inspired by nature and its gems, by music and the way it makes us feel, as well as seasons and their varying colours. VANIA’s style of accessories is described as effortless, luxe and timeless with a gypsy edge.

Vania grew up within a family and tribe of creators, lovers, dreamers and wanderers. Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela she had the privilege to be raised by her Mother Milagros and her father Dietrich... but next to her parents side was Dionicia a woman from the Wayuu tribe and important figure in Vania's childhood. Dionicia is where Vania's love for handmade comes from, she would knit traditional wayuu bags while looking after her. Vania and her parents moved to New Zealand in 2012 where she continues to encounter other dreamers, lovers and wanderers on her journey. This has reaffirmed to her how each and every one of us has a story to tell from the different walks of life we have travelled.

At VANIA, jewellery is handcrafted for the dreamers, the lovers and for all the passionate and wandering souls out there. Vania is an avid creator, so each piece is carefully designed, handcrafted in New Zealand and only utilizing natural gemstones and semi-precious metals.

Our vision for VANIA to be an accessories brand that specializes in the manufacture of handmade goods, solely. We daydream of working with artisans in NZ + Overseas with the aim of showcasing their craft and make it accessible to the rest of the world. All of this, in the confines of an ethical trade agreement. Follow your soul & be your own kind of beautiful.